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2021 Stud Sires


Burrandool 'Ace' 1710-2017

Reg No. F9615

Sired by Burrandool 1321/2013 (F6863)

Strong Classic Hampy head with a clean face, very well muscled in the back end, including great muscling down the leg

2018 Australian Champion Ram

2018 Best Ram of the Year

1st Place Woolly Milk Tooth Balmoral Ram Lamb Championships

1st Place Woolly Milk Tooth Sydney Royal Hampshire Feature Show

1st Place Woolly  Australian Sheep & Wool Show

1st Place Woolly  Ballarat Sheep Show

1st Place Woolly Hamilton Sheepvention

1st Place Woolly  Royal Melbourne Show

1st Place Shorn Royal Geelong Show

1st Place Sydney Royal 2019

1st Place Aus Sheep Show 2019

1st Place Victorian Sheep Show 2019

1st Place Hamilton Sheepvention 2019

1st Place Royal Melbourne 2019

Undefeated in individual breed classes for entire show career which was two seasons and spanned across both young ram classes and old ram classes. Now 1710 has been retired to the breeding paddock where he has already produced some great progeny.

Burrandool 9080-2019

'Dynasty 2nd'

Reg No. G2246

Sired by Burrandool 1369-2013

Similar type to Burrandool 1710-2017 with a different family line combination of breeding. Strong bold Hampy head with a clean face, very well muscled in the back end, including great muscling down the leg

Video of Sire 1369-2013


Burrandool 0046-2020

'Continuity 3rd'

Reg No. G2247

Sired by Burrandool 1710-2017

A chunky twin ram lamb that has grown exceptionally well, Shows great breed type both on characteristics and carcass. Stands incredible proud with feet set well apart in the rear, decent fill in the hindquarter at an early age. This is a test year with 0046 going over 2020 drop ewe lambs.

Video of Sire 1710-2017

Aurora Park 9099-2019

'Bold Ruler'

Reg No. G1138 ARR-ARR

A double cross of E5-2012 (F4924) who is a pure Toropuke blood ram from NZ. 

9099 has tremendous style and type, similar type to 8020-2018 (Genetics Catalogue) but with more style, and backed up with great growth and carcass.

Good depth through body without compromising the lift and wedge shape of the brisket.

Video of Sire E5-12


Aurora Park 0023/2020

Sired by Aurora Park 8020/2018 who is a son of Aurora Park 1608/2016.

Dam is a daughter of E5/12

One of the best rams to be bred at Aurora Park. Perfect shape of body with brilliant hindquarter and a classic NZ head. 

Used as a ram lamb over ewe lambs.



Video of Sire - Aurora Park 8020/2018Tw

(Most Successful Hampshire Down Ram in Australia for a number of years)

(Semen Available) 

Aurora Park 0005-2020


Reg No. G2245

A twin from sire Glen West 'Governor' out of an Aurora Park 'Apollo' daughter. Hugely muscled ram lamb with really strong bone and masculinity about him. A real standout of the 2020 drop. One of the best hindquarters of any lamb ever born at the property at weaning time and has held onto it right through post weaning.

Reserve Champion Ram Sydney Royal 2021


More Sires...


Burrandool 4031-2004

Reg No G259


Johnos 5322-2015

Reg No F8730

Pure Burrandool Genetics

Valley View Johno.jpg

Valley View 280-2004

Reg No D7443


Torwood 695-2019

Reg No G2105

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