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Export Semen catalogue

Our studs are the largest Hampshire genetic exporters in Australia. We have exported semen to three continents in the few years. 

To receive our Export catalogue, please fill in the enquiry form below and we will send it to you.
These two rams are currently in an export centre. Both can be collected for domestic use.

Burrandool 1072-2021
'Dynasty 23rd'

2022 Australian Champion Ram

Sire - Burrandool 9080-2019. SOS - Burrandool 1369-2013

Won 1st place in the pairs class at every show in 2022 with 1084-2021. A very styish ram, great length and hinquater shape. Used in the 2023 ET Program. Similar type to Pomona 26-1994 with a double up of that family line on the dams side to bring back more strength and bone. 

1072 won the Interbreed performance class at the Royal Melbourne Show, Tying with Dorset's and Suffolk's on structure points, but then winning the class with his scanning results.

1072 has a great presence, stands out quite easily in the paddock, beautiful topline and back leg extension which gives him superb balance.

1072's scanning results from Royal Melbourne Show are (15months age)

Weight (Kg) - 118

Fat Depth (mm) - 9

Muscle Depth (mm) - 50

Muscle Width (mm) - 106

Muscle Area (cm2) - 40.8

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Burrandool 2012-2021

Strong Classic Hampy head with a clean face, very well muscled in the back end, including great muscling down the leg

2023 Best Ram of the Year

2023 Reserve Champion Australian Ram

2nd Place Aus Sheep Show 2023

1st Place Victorian Sheep Show 2019

1st Place Hamilton Sheepvention 2019

3rd Place Royal Melbourne 2023

Sired by Burrandool 1710-2017 who is our 2018 Australian Champion Ram & Best Ram of the Year 2018.

Video 2012's sire.

SOS - Burrandool 1321-2013

Dam - Burrandool 1735-2017

SOD - Burrandool 1469-2014

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